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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NboostBoost library
 Nprogram_optionsProgram options
 NHyperspaceHyperspace definitions
 NHypertableHypertable definitions
 NClusterDefinitionFileCluster definition file translation definitions
 NTokenizerToolsTools to help cluster definition file tokenization
 NDependencyMaster dependency strings
 NFsBrokerFile system broker definitions
 NLibFile system broker framework and client library
 NLibHypertable library
 NRS_METRICSFacilities for reading and writing sys/RS_METRICS table
 NLoggerLogging framework
 NPriorityOutput priorities modelled after syslog
 NMaintenanceFlagMaintenance task bit field
 NMetaLogMetaLog framework
 NEntityTypeMetaLog entity type constants
 NOperationStateMaster operation states
 NPollEventPolling event constants (mechanism-independent)
 NTableMaintenanceTable maintenance constants
 NUtilityGeneral-purpose utilities
 NstdSTL namespace
 NToolsForward declarations