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Getting the Hypertable Source Code

We use the git version control system to manage the source code for Hypertable. To obtain a local copy of the repository, install the latest version of git (at least and then issue the following commands to configure your identity in commit messages.

git config --global user.name "<your-name-goes-here>"
git config --global user.email "<your-email-goes-here>"

To obtain the source:

cd ~/src
git clone git://github.com/hypertable/hypertable.git

This will clone the Hypertable repository and checkout the master branch which represents the most up-to-date version of the source code. We only push changes to the master branch if all tests pass.

Becoming a Contributor

The power and quality of Hypertable is a direct result of the contributions by the open source community. If you would like to become a contributor to this project, fill out the Hypertable Contributor Agreement and fax it to 650-230-7176, or scan it and e-mail it to contr.nosp@m.ibut.nosp@m.or@hy.nosp@m.pert.nosp@m.able..nosp@m.com.

There are a few options to contribute to the project. Email patches always work (see the documentation by git send-email –help). Regular contributors might find a public repository hosting service such as github helpful. The following instructions are for github (as it's the easiest to fork a project):