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Hypertable::MetaLog Namespace Reference

MetaLog framework. More...


 MetaLog entity type constants


class  Definition
 Defines the set of valid MetaLog entities for a server. More...
class  DefinitionMaster
class  DefinitionRangeServer
class  Entity
 Base class for MetaLog entities. More...
class  EntityHeader
 Entity header. More...
class  EntityRecover
 Recover entity used for sanity checking. More...
class  EntityTask
class  EntityTaskAcknowledgeRelinquish
class  Header
 Metalog file header. More...
class  Reader
 Reads a MetaLog. More...
class  Writer
 Writes a MetaLog. More...


typedef std::shared_ptr
< Definition
 Smart pointer to Definition. More...
typedef std::shared_ptr< EntityEntityPtr
 Smart pointer to Entity. More...
typedef std::shared_ptr< ReaderReaderPtr
 Smart pointer to Reader. More...
typedef std::shared_ptr< WriterWriterPtr
 Smart pointer to Writer. More...
typedef std::shared_ptr
< EntityTask


void scan_log_directory (FilesystemPtr &fs, const std::string &path, std::deque< int32_t > &file_ids)
 Scans MetaLog directory for numeric file names. More...
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, Entity &entity)
 ostream shift function for Entity objects. More...

Detailed Description

MetaLog framework.

Contains a set of classes that define the MetaLog subsystem.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 42 of file MetaLogEntityTask.h.

Function Documentation

void Hypertable::MetaLog::scan_log_directory ( FilesystemPtr fs,
const std::string &  path,
std::deque< int32_t > &  file_ids 

Scans MetaLog directory for numeric file names.

A MetaLog consists of a directory containing a set of numerically named files, each file containing the state and state transitions of a start-to-finish run of a server. This function returns the set of numeric file names found within the MetaLog directory as well as the file number that can be used to hold the state of the next run of the server.

fsSmart pointer to Filesystem object
pathPathname of MetaLog directory
file_idsDeque to hold discovered numeric file names

Definition at line 54 of file MetaLog.cc.