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Hypertable::PollEvent Namespace Reference

Polling event constants (mechanism-independent). More...


enum  Flags {
  READ = 0x01, PRI = 0x02, WRITE = 0x04, ERROR = 0x08,
  HUP = 0x10, REMOVE = 0x1000, RDHUP = 0x2000
 Enumeration for poll interest constants. More...


std::string to_string (int events)
 Returns a string representation of polling events. More...

Detailed Description

Polling event constants (mechanism-independent).

Function Documentation

string Hypertable::PollEvent::to_string ( int  events)

Returns a string representation of polling events.

eventsBitmaks of polling events (Flags)
String representation of polling events

Definition at line 36 of file PollEvent.cc.