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02.07.2012  |  Hypertable Unveils New Website

Welcome to the new Hypertable website.  This new website is easy to navigate and has all of the tools you'll need to learn about Hypertable and easily deploy it for your big data aplications.

We have put a tremendous amount of effort into the Documentation section of the website.  There you'll find an Architectural Overview, Installation Instructions, Administrator Guides, Reference Guides and much more.  Be sure check out the Code Examples section for working code examples written Java, C++, PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby.

We're also very excited to announce new products and services available today:

  • UpTime Support Subscription – for round-the-clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year "uptime" assurance for your Hypertable deployments -- with support stafflocated in the United States and Europe
  • Training and Certification –  taught by big data experts, Hypertable Training and Certification classes are held in Silicon Valley, USA and Munich, Germany
  • Commercial License – for organizations such as OEMs, ISVs, and VARs who distribute Hypertable with their closed source products, Hypertable Inc. offers the software under a flexible OEM commercial license

Also, please check out the Hypertable vs. HBase Performance Evaluation II.  In this in-house performance test, Hypertable demonstrates its power by easily loading 167 billion records into a 16-node test cluster, a test in which HBase failed, struggling with memory management.

If you're looking to take commercial advantage of the power of big data, then the Hypertable database platform is the right choice for you.  Our new product and service offerings will ensure that you get the most out of your Hypertable deployment, allowing you to take full advantage of Hypertable's unprecedented performance and cost-efficiency for your big data applications.

Posted By:  Doug Judd, CEO, Hypertable Inc.

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NoSQL Job Trends   March 2010 Published in March 14th, 2010 Posted by Rob Diana in Career, Programming 1 Comment   SHARE:          Please see a more recent upatde of the NoSQL trends at NoSQL Job Trends   September 2010.

~ posted at 06:16 pm on 08.28.2013 by Ronald

发布时间:2012-03-2 10:13   来源:CSDN   分类: 人力资源, 资讯  都等你发言    分享到:  (function(){ var _w = 55 , _h = 16; var param = { url:location.href, type:‘3’, count:‘1’, appkey:‘2606191112’, title:’‘, pic:’‘, raalteUid:‘1670481425’, language:‘zh_cn’, rnd:new Date().valueOf() } var temp = []; for( var p in param ){ temp.push(p + ‘=’ + encodeURIComponent( param[p] || ‘’ ) ) } [removed](’‘) })()            导读:regulargeeka0网站发表一篇文章《NoSQL Job Trends – February 2012》,文中从CouchDB,MongoDB,HBase,Cassandra,Redis等9种不同的NoSQL数据库分析它们的发展趋势以及就业趋势。 http://pwiapsamxo.com jtizljwgie [link=http://tvfqhyl.com]tvfqhyl[/link]

~ posted at 10:25 am on 08.26.2013 by Laila

Tre8s bon article, bien deuomcnte9.Pour les organisations ayant un peu peur de la nouveaute9, iBatis fait un tre8s bon travail de mapping avec un SGBD, en e9tant beaucoup moins invasif que Hibernate (qui est cependant un bon choix, pour certains projets).Spring Data est e9galement tre8s inte9ressant pour offrir un acce8s uniforme e0 diffe9rentes solutions de persistance.Une ide9e que j aime et qui est assez pre9sente dans le monde SmallTalk: retarder au maximum le choix du mode de persistance. Et en fait, vous en avez peut-eatre pas besoin. Une solution totalement en me9moire, avec log, est parfaitement satisfaisante pour beaucoup de petits et moyens projets. Ce qui est en fait assez proche du fonctionnement de Redis.Et si finalement vous en avez vraiment besoins, vous avez alors recueilli un maximum d informationw pour faire votre choix.

~ posted at 10:10 pm on 08.25.2013 by Enggak

A touching atricle. This story motivated me to write about my story about JEE. I cleared JEE 2002 with JEE Rank 1758 and got admitted in Industrial Engineering, IIT KGP. I got 39% 12th board from a school where I was 5th rank in the class of 60 people inspite of such poor result. Passing 10th class is milestone at my home town. After getting such result in 12th exams due to poor financial condition of my family and school situation, I was not even aware of IIT JEE. I was rejected for getting admission in BSc, state engineering colleges and even coaching institutes who provides coaching for state engineering colleges about I use to dream about. Afterward, I was told one of the bookseller that IIT JEE is the only exam that does not have any restrictions other than its merit. Without knowing the standard of the exam, I started my studies from scratch clearing concepts apart from changing medium from Hindi to English. A few years of hard work and motivation towards clearing the toughest exam was become a dream goal for me. I had no career option left other than clearing JEE. Struggling and facing harsh comments from relatives and friends towards my madness about self study, I have achieved the goal. Realized the happiness, family support was rewarded. But story is not ended yet, as I was had to proof that JEE can not be cleared just by mugging inspite the fear of not getting job in Infosys, TCS types of companies because of not fulfilling the first screening, I decided to do something exceptional which can nullify the effect of 12th board results in future and I did it by getting award in best project in my master thesis of dual degree program. JEE preparation had made me a person of achieving exceptional in life. I got the a job during job in campus placement, but I wanted to do something better, got admission for PhD in Reliability Engineering in Sweden. Here I had to keep the reputation high and finished in 3.5 years. Now, I am writing this short atricle in my office in Maersk Drilling at Copenhagen with nostalgic feeling. All I want to say, the standard of JEE made me from nowhere to this place.

~ posted at 03:28 pm on 08.24.2013 by Leena

Greeting folks! Yap it’s pleasant moment for me to discover out this website. I really wanted to learn lots about Hypertable and hopefully I’ll learn handy knowledge from here indeed. Thanks and I’ll keep checking your site often.

~ posted at 01:37 am on 05.09.2013 by security camera systems

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