Commercial License

The Hypertable software is licensed under the GPL open source license.  This license imposes some restrictions on how the software can be used,  which typically don't apply to most standard deployments.  OEM Commercial licenses are available to those organizations that require exemptions from the restrictions imposed by GPL.

The Open Source License

Hypertable is licensed under version 3 of the GPL open source license which is a modernization of GPL version 2, the same license used by the community edition of MySQL.  This license is sufficient for the typical Application Service Providers (ASP) use case, where Hypertable is run as backend database infrastructure to support the application.  Refer to the the GNU General Public License for complete details regarding the license.

OEM Commercial License

For OEMs, ISVs, VARs, and other organizations who distribute Hypertable with their software products or appliances, and do not license and distribute their source code under the GPL, Hypertable Inc. provides a flexible OEM Commercial License.

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