UpTime Support Subscription

Whether you run Hypertable in your own datacenter or in a public cloud (EC2, Rackspace, ...), the Hypertable UpTime Support Subscription will give you maximum assurance that your scalable database infrastructure will always be up and operating smoothly.  We'll take care of the scalable database so that you can focus on your application.


Premium 24/7

Enterprise 24/7


Base Price up to 10 Nodes

$3,995 per month

$1,995 per month
Most Popular

$995 per month

Per Node Price after 10 Nodes




Response Hours



M-F 8am-5pm PST

Response Time SLA

30 minute

30 minute

24 hour

Unlimited Contacts

Feature Preview Releases

Emergency Patch Releases

Architectural Assessment

Performance Evaluation

Application Design Review

Subscription to Diagnostic
and Recovery Tools

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