Error Codes

We try to always make Hypertable generate useful, human readable error messages, but if you encounter an error code, this table will help you determine what it means.

  -3 But that's unpossible!
  -2 External error
  -1 HYPERTABLE failed expectation
0x1 1 HYPERTABLE protocol error
0x2 2 HYPERTABLE request truncated
0x3 3 HYPERTABLE response truncated
0x4 4 HYPERTABLE request timeout
0x5 5 HYPERTABLE local i/o error
0x6 6 HYPERTABLE bad root location
0x7 7 HYPERTABLE bad schema
0x8 8 HYPERTABLE invalid metadata
0x9 9 HYPERTABLE bad key
0xa 10 HYPERTABLE metadata not found
0xb 11 HYPERTABLE HQL parse error
0xc 12 HYPERTABLE file not found
0xd 13 HYPERTABLE block compressor unsupported type
0xe 14 HYPERTABLE block compressor invalid arg
0xf 15 HYPERTABLE block compressor block truncated
0x10 16 HYPERTABLE block compressor bad block header
0x11 17 HYPERTABLE block compressor bad magic string
0x12 18 HYPERTABLE block compressor block checksum mismatch
0x13 19 HYPERTABLE block compressor deflate error
0x14 20 HYPERTABLE block compressor inflate error
0x15 21 HYPERTABLE block compressor initialization error
0x16 22 HYPERTABLE table does not exist
0x1a 26 HYPERTABLE command parse error
0x1b 27 HYPERTABLE Master connect error
0x1c 28 HYPERTABLE Hyperspace client connect error
0x18 24 HYPERTABLE too many columns
0x19 25 HYPERTABLE bad domain name
0x17 23 HYPERTABLE malformed request
0x1d 29 HYPERTABLE bad memory allocation
0x1e 30 HYPERTABLE bad scan specification
0x1f 31 HYPERTABLE not implemented
0x20 32 HYPERTABLE version mismatch
0x21 33 HYPERTABLE cancelled
0x22 34 HYPERTABLE schema parse error
0x23 35 HYPERTABLE syntax error
0x24 36 HYPERTABLE double unget
0x25 37 HYPERTABLE empty bloom filter
0x26 38 HYPERTABLE bloom filter checksum mismatch
0x27 39 HYPERTABLE name already in use
0x28 40 HYPERTABLE namespace does not exist
0x29 41 HYPERTABLE bad namespace
0x2a 42 HYPERTABLE namespace exists
0x2b 43 HYPERTABLE no response
0x2c 44 HYPERTABLE not allowed
0x2d 45 HYPERTABLE induced failure
0x2e 46 HYPERTABLE server shutting down
0x2f 47 HYPERTABLE location unassigned
0x30 48 HYPERTABLE cell already exists
0x31 49 HYPERTABLE checksum mismatch
0x32 50 HYPERTABLE closed
0x33 51 HYPERTABLE RangeServer not found
0x34 52 HYPERTABLE connection not initialized
0x35 53 HYPERTABLE duplicate range
0x36 54 HYPERTABLE invalid pseudo-table name
0x37 55 HYPERTABLE bad format
0x38 56 HYPERTABLE invalid argument
0x39 57 HYPERTABLE invalid operation
0x3a 58 HYPERTABLE unsupported operation
0x3b 59 HYPERTABLE column family not found
0x3c 60 HYPERTABLE nothing to do
0x3d 61 HYPERTABLE incompatible options
0x3e 62 HYPERTABLE bad value
0x3f 63 HYPERTABLE schema generation mismatch
0x3e9 1001 CONFIG bad argument(s)
0x3ea 1002 CONFIG bad cfg file
0x3eb 1003 CONFIG failed to get config value
0x3ec 1004 CONFIG bad config value
0x10001 65537 COMM not connected
0x10002 65538 COMM broken connection
0x10003 65539 COMM connect error
0x10004 65540 COMM already connected
0x10006 65542 COMM send error
0x10007 65543 COMM receive error
0x10008 65544 COMM poll error
0x10009 65545 COMM conflicting address
0x1000a 65546 COMM socket error
0x1000b 65547 COMM bind error
0x1000c 65548 COMM listen error
0x1000d 65549 COMM header checksum mismatch
0x1000e 65550 COMM payload checksum mismatch
0x1000f 65551 COMM bad header
0x10010 65552 COMM invalid proxy
0x20001 131073 FS BROKER bad file handle
0x20002 131074 FS BROKER i/o error
0x20003 131075 FS BROKER file not found
0x20004 131076 FS BROKER bad filename
0x20005 131077 FS BROKER permission denied
0x20006 131078 FS BROKER invalid argument
0x20007 131079 FS BROKER invalid config value
0x20008 131080 FS BROKER end of file
0x30001 196609 HYPERSPACE i/o error
0x30002 196610 HYPERSPACE create failed
0x30003 196611 HYPERSPACE file not found
0x30004 196612 HYPERSPACE attribute not found
0x30005 196613 HYPERSPACE delete error
0x30006 196614 HYPERSPACE bad pathname
0x30007 196615 HYPERSPACE permission denied
0x30008 196616 HYPERSPACE expired session
0x30009 196617 HYPERSPACE file exists
0x3000a 196618 HYPERSPACE is directory
0x3000b 196619 HYPERSPACE invalid handle
0x3000c 196620 HYPERSPACE request cancelled
0x3000d 196621 HYPERSPACE mode restriction
0x3000e 196622 HYPERSPACE already locked
0x3000f 196623 HYPERSPACE lock conflict
0x30010 196624 HYPERSPACE not locked
0x30011 196625 HYPERSPACE bad attribute
0x30012 196626 HYPERSPACE Berkeley DB error
0x30013 196627 HYPERSPACE directory not empty
0x30014 196628 HYPERSPACE Berkeley DB deadlock
0x30015 196629 HYPERSPACE Berkeley DB replication handle dead
0x30016 196630 HYPERSPACE file open
0x30017 196631 HYPERSPACE CLI parse error
0x30018 196632 HYPERSPACE unable to create session
0x30019 196633 HYPERSPACE not master location
0x3001a 196634 HYPERSPACE State DB error
0x3001b 196635 HYPERSPACE State DB deadlock
0x3001c 196636 HYPERSPACE State DB bad key
0x3001d 196637 HYPERSPACE State DB bad value
0x3001e 196638 HYPERSPACE State DB attempt to access/delete previously deleted state
0x3001f 196639 HYPERSPACE State DB event exists
0x30020 196640 HYPERSPACE State DB event does not exist
0x30021 196641 HYPERSPACE State DB event attr not found
0x30022 196642 HYPERSPACE State DB session exists
0x30023 196643 HYPERSPACE State DB session does not exist
0x30024 196644 HYPERSPACE State DB session attr not found
0x30025 196645 HYPERSPACE State DB handle exists
0x30026 196646 HYPERSPACE State DB handle does not exist
0x30027 196647 HYPERSPACE State DB handle attr not found
0x30028 196648 HYPERSPACE State DB node exists
0x30029 196649 HYPERSPACE State DB node does not exist
0x3002a 196650 HYPERSPACE State DB node attr not found
0x30030 196656 HYPERSPACE client/server protocol version mismatch
0x40001 262145 MASTER table exists
0x40002 262146 MASTER bad schema
0x40003 262147 MASTER not running
0x40004 262148 MASTER no range servers
0x40005 262149 MASTER file not locked
0x40006 262150 MASTER range server with same location already registered
0x40007 262151 MASTER bad column family
0x40008 262152 Master schema generation mismatch
0x40009 262153 MASTER location already assigned
0x4000a 262154 MASTER location invalid
0x4000b 262155 MASTER operation in progress
0x4000c 262156 MASTER RangeServer in recovery
0x4000d 262157 MASTER balance operation prevented
0x50001 327681 RANGE SERVER generation mismatch
0x50002 327682 RANGE SERVER range already loaded
0x50003 327683 RANGE SERVER range mismatch
0x50004 327684 RANGE SERVER non-existent range
0x50005 327685 RANGE SERVER out of range
0x50006 327686 RANGE SERVER range not found
0x50007 327687 RANGE SERVER invalid scanner id
0x50008 327688 RANGE SERVER schema parse error
0x50009 327689 RANGE SERVER invalid column family id
0x5000a 327690 RANGE SERVER invalid column family
0x5000b 327691 RANGE SERVER truncated commit log
0x5000c 327692 RANGE SERVER no metadata for range
0x5000d 327693 RANGE SERVER shutting down
0x5000e 327694 RANGE SERVER corrupt commit log
0x5000f 327695 RANGE SERVER unavailable
0x50010 327696 RANGE SERVER supplied revision is not strictly increasing
0x50011 327697 RANGE SERVER row overflow
0x50012 327698 RANGE SERVER table not found
0x50013 327699 RANGE SERVER bad scan specification
0x50014 327700 RANGE SERVER clock skew detected
0x50015 327701 RANGE SERVER bad CellStore filename
0x50016 327702 RANGE SERVER corrupt CellStore
0x50017 327703 RANGE SERVER table dropped
0x50018 327704 RANGE SERVER unexpected table ID
0x50019 327705 RANGE SERVER range busy
0x5001a 327706 RANGE SERVER bad cell interval
0x5001b 327707 RANGE SERVER short cellstore read
0x5001c 327708 RANGE SERVER range no longer active
0x5001d 327709 RANGE SERVER fragment already processed
0x5001e 327710 RANGE SERVER recovery plan generation mismatch
0x5001f 327711 RANGE SERVER phantom range map not found
0x50020 327712 RANGE SERVER ranges already live
0x50021 327713 RANGE SERVER range not yet acknowledged
0x50022 327714 RANGE SERVER server in readonly mode
0x50023 327715 RANGE SERVER range not yet relinquished
0x60001 393217 HQL bad load file format
0x60002 393218 HQL bad command
0x70001 458753 METALOG version mismatch
0x70002 458754 METALOG bad range server metalog header
0x70003 458755 METALOG bad metalog header
0x70004 458756 METALOG entry truncated
0x70005 458757 METALOG checksum mismatch
0x70006 458758 METALOG bad entry type
0x70007 458759 METALOG entry out of order
0x70008 458760 METALOG missing RECOVER entity
0x70009 458761 METALOG backup file mismatch
0x7000a 458762 METALOG read error
0x80001 524289 SERIALIZATION input buffer overrun
0x80002 524290 SERIALIZATION bad vint encoding
0x80003 524291 SERIALIZATION bad vstr encoding
0x80004 524292 SERIALIZATION version mismatch
0x90001 589825 THRIFT BROKER bad scanner id
0x90002 589826 THRIFT BROKER bad mutator id
0x90003 589827 THRIFT BROKER bad namespace id
0x90004 589828 THRIFT BROKER bad future id