Notification Script

This document describes how to install a notification script. 

The Hypertable Master will invoke a notification script (conf/ to inform the Hypertable administrator of certain events such as machine failure or any problems that may have been encountered during machine failure recovery.  The script accepts two arguments, a subject string and a message body string.  The prefix of the subject line string can be examined to determine the type of notification, "NOTICE" indicating a notification of abnormal condition, and "ERROR" indicating a hard error that requires intervention.  The following is an example notification script (/opt/hypertable/current/conf/ that can be used to email notificaiton to a list of administrators:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo -e $message | mail -s "$subject" ${recipients}

Modify the recipients variable to contain the the list of recipients to whom notificaiton messages are to be sent.  Verify that the script works properly by testing it manually:

/opt/hypertable/current/conf/ "Test Message" "This is a test."

Once the script is working properly, you can distribute it to all appropriate machines with:

ht cluster push_config