Hypertable Inc Commercial Offerings

Hypertable Inc. provides commercial product and service offerings designed to support businesses in their use of the Hypertable open source software.

Support Subscription

The Hypertable UpTime Support Subscription offers maximum uptime assurance to organizations who depend on their scalable database infrastructure to meet their business objectives. With support staff located in the United States and Europe, Hypertable Inc can provide round-the-clock service to help you to mimimize risk and maximize the value you get out of your big data application.

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Training & Certification

The training program offered by Hypertable Inc is an easy way for organizations to quickly gain in-house expertise to fully exploit Hypertable for their big data applications. The certification program helps validate that an individual has the complete knowledge and skill set necessary to help organizations maximize the benefit they derive from their Hypertable deployment.

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Commercial License

Hypertable is open source software licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL). While this license is sufficient for most use cases, it does have some restrictions in regards to redistribution. For organizations such as OEMs, ISVs, and VARs who distribute Hypertable with their closed source products, Hypertable Inc. offers the software under a flexible OEM commercial license.

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